Sweetheart Blueberry Plant, sweetheart blueberry

Sweetheart Blueberry Plant

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Sweetheart Blueberry,   A unique hybrid produces 2 crops of fruit making it the only re-fruiting blueberry.  The fruit has a superior fresh flavor or in baked good and preserves.  Sweetheart has Northern and Southern highbush parentage, so it grows well in many areas of the USA.  The plants are self-pollinating but will bear more berries if 2 or more plants are present.  Grows 5-6' tall and 3-4' wide.  Zones 4-8Sweetheart is technically a Northern Highbush, but it thrives from north to south, needing no pollinator to set up to 15 pounds of berries a year. The first crop is in late spring or early summer. The second is at summer's end. Very good yields ,plump, firm, delicious sweetheart blueberries with a very sweet bite.