About Us

Pense Nursery is a family-owned farm that has been passed down through three generations. The business was started in the 1950's under the name Loyd Pense Nursery. With six sons and two daughters, the family had so many ideas and varied interests that in the late 1970"s, the business branched into five separate nursery businesses. All five companies are still strong and growing. Now the third generation is following in the footsteps of the sons of the original company.

The current owners and operators of Pense Nursery are shown in the picture below: Phillip Pense, his wife Michele, sons Drew, Jordan, (not pictured as We lost him at 17 yrs. old) Nicholas, Mattexx, and Greg. daughters Violet Grace, Stephanie, Alexis, grandchildren Axton, Riley, Stella Rose, Naomi, Ali, and Layla Jean. Time has brought changes to the Pense family. Loved ones lost are forever with use in our hearts. We change and we adapt. We have new beginnings and new hopes. Our business changes and grows along with us. Below is the first Tractor my Daddy ever bought in 1966, Big Red his work Mule He watched not knowing his replacement was unloading from the delivery truck. I don't think Big Red minded too much, but Daddy did still used Big Red from time to time in center plowing Tomatoes on 5 ft. middles. Big Red mostly went into retirement and lived a pampered life as Daddy Babied him until He finally died in his mid-twenties and is now buried down on the old home place where he lived out most of his life. In the picture with the family setting on the Couch Is my dad and Mom four of my brothers and one sister I am setting on Dad's lap and two more siblings would come a few years later. We were the Crawford County Farm Family of the year 1966.