Strawberry Plants


A $30.00 ship charge will be added if the order is below $150.00 Choose a Ship date between Mid-November until June 1st. Varieties can be mixed. 

Bare Root Strawberry Plants

25 Plants       $18.25                
50 Plants       $36.50            
100 Plants     $62.00           
250 Plants     $115.00          
500 Plants     $230.00     
1,000 Plants  $455.00  
2,500 Plants  $1,150   
5,000 Plants  $2,175

Looking for the best strawberry plants for your home garden? Look no further than our full range of varieties , including strawberry plugs! From early bearing to late bearing, we have a strawberry bare root or bulk strawberry plants to suit every need. And with our 'pick your own' service, you can be sure of getting the freshest, tastiest strawberries around.

Our bare root strawberry plants are grown in pristine conditions, using only the best organic methods. This means they are free from harsh chemicals and pesticides, making them kinder to both you and the environment.
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