sweet ark ponca blackberry
thornless berries
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Sweet Ark™' Ponca Blackberry CV. 'Ponca' 


Thornless Berries Flavor is an outstanding attribute, and Ponca is the sweetest blackberry cultivar from the Arkansas program. Soluble solids has exceeded 13% in some harvests and consistently exceeds 10%. Sweet flavor has been retained in rainy conditions also and has been consistent from harvest to harvest. Gardening Berries have reduced acidity, consistently below 1% titratable acidity. Ponca has very attractive aromatic components which round out its sweet flavor.

Yield potential is high and plants demonstrate excellent health. The canes have a unique architecture with reduced leaf internode length that provides potential advantages in cane tipping management. Ponca has demonstrated good secondary bud crop potential following cold injury. This cultivar ripens early, similar to Natchez, providing diversification in early season cultivar choice. Ponca Thornless berries is a commercial cultivar with good potential for shipping and is an exceptional choice for local-market production and home gardens.


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