prime-ark freedom blackberry plant

Prime-Ark Freedom Blackberry

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Prime-Ark Freedom blackberries, (patented variety) University of Arkansas release is the world’s first thornless primocane-fruiting blackberry.

“Prime-Ark® Freedom is an exciting development as it is the first thornless plant of this blackberry type released for commercial introduction in the world,” . “Its potential to produce two crops each year, both being early to very early in ripening, is another unique attribute of this cultivar. Its exceptional fruit size should make it a very noteworthy blackberry for home gardeners or local-market growers. It has very large berries with good flavor,”

Attention, Home Gardeners!
Ever thought about owning the world's first thornless primocane-fruiting blackberry? Well, now you can!

If you're looking for a blackberry variety that's packed with nutrients, full of flavor and generously sized - you should check out our Prime-Ark Freedom Blackberry. Freshly available, only at Penseberry Farm!