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Osage Blackberry

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OSAGE THORNLESS BLACKBERRY: This is the thirteenth release from the University of Arkansas. Osage was developed with the intention of advancing flavor to a higher level in Blackberries. Osage ripens 5 days after Natchez around June 10, three days earlier than Ouachita. The berries are medium size and very firm with excellent flavor, good yielding and has an excellent storage potential. Osage should perform very well in commercial shipping.

The Osage Blackberry plant is a deciduous shrub that is native to North America. It's a member of the Rubus genus, which includes raspberries, blackberries, and dewberries. This blackberry variant is a perennial plant, meaning it can live for more than two years.

The Osage blackberry is a fruit-bearing plant, and the delicious fruits are used in pies, jams, and jellies!