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caddo thornless blackberry plants
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Caddo Thornless Blackberry

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 Caddo Blackberry, is a high-flavor blackberry, from the fruit breeding program at the Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station, the research arm of the Division of Agriculture. “It has very good fruit flavor and large berries.”Caddo has very noteworthy and desirable aromatics that enhance its flavor.”Caddo is an early-ripening cultivar, Its average first harvest date is June 8 about two days later than Natchez and two days earlier than Osage .“It has overall high fruit quality, excellent postharvest fruit-handling potential, consistent high yields and excellent plant health,” Caddo is the 14th erect-growing, floricane blackberry developed at the division’s Fruit Research Station near Clarksville.Caddo shares a breeding parent with Osage, a blackberry released by the division in 2012. The male parent was Ark. 2108, which contributed to many of Caddo’s superior quality traits. It was crossed with a highly flavored female parent, APF-45, which was released in 2009 as Prime-Ark®45, a primocane-fruiting variety. Caddo produces oblong fruit with even drupelet fill, The berries are larger than Osage and Ouachita. Chill hour requirements should be around 300, with hardiness comparable to Ouachita and the other Arkansas realeases, Caddo has produced 19,000 lbs per acre in trials at the Clarksville experiment station.
Large fruit, high yields, sweet and firm fruit.

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