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Welcome to Penseberry Farm, where passion for quality and a commitment to excellence converge in our collection of seeded grapevine varieties.

Grapevine Plants For Sale

1-12 Vines $7.00
13-25 $6.75
26-100 $6.00
101-500 $4.50
501-1,000 $3.95

FREE SHIPPING WITH 150.00 MINIMUM ORDER. A $30.00 ship charge will be added if under $150.00. 

Choose a Ship date between Mid-November until June 1st. Varieties can be mixed for quantity discounts.

Explore Our Seeded Grapevine Varieties

At Penseberry Farm, we take pride in offering a diverse selection of seeded grapevines. Each variety in our grapevine plant collection is a testament to our unwavering pursuit of grape perfection.

Why Choose Penseberry Farm Grapevines?

Expertise in Cultivation:

Our grapevine plants are cultivated with the utmost care and attention by experienced professionals who understand the nuances of grapevine growing.

Exceptional Quality:

We are committed to providing grapevines for sale of the highest quality, ensuring that

each vine meets our stringent standards for flavor, appearance, and overall excellence.

Diverse Varieties:

Explore a wide array of grapevine varieties, including seeded grapes, to suit your specific preferences and purposes, from winemaking to cultivating delectable table grapes.

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