Blueberry plants are happy to be planted in our gardens. They provide us with healthy fruit that have antioxidants, vitamins, and flavoring for staying healthy. The different blueberry varieties are not only tasty but also easy to grow at home. They can be grown both in pots and directly in the ground.

Let's read ahead to learn more about the different blueberry varieties to grow at home.

How To Grow Blueberries

If you want the plants to grow well, make sure they get enough sunlight and water during the growing period (from March to September). You should harvest your blueberries between July and October. As an option, if you want a continuous supply of fruits throughout summer and autumn, you can prune your blueberry plants by late winter/early spring before new growth starts (for example: February-March). The best time for pruning blueberry plants is in a cloudy day with a temperature above 60 °F (16 °C).

Blueberries need well-drained, acidic soil. You can make your own compost or buy ready-made one to add into the planting hole. Make sure that you dig deep and wide holes to accommodate the roots of the plants when you add nutrients into the ground. If you want to grow blueberries in pots, choose 8-inch pot size for dwarf plants, 12-inch pot for full grown plants, and plant three blueberry plants per pot .

It's also important to remember not to use saucers underneath because they will collect water and lead to root rot.

If you want your blueberry plants to produce fruit faster, you can buy or make compost tea to fertilize them. It is easy to make compost tea, the ingredients are readily available at home, and it will help your blueberries stay healthy while growing in poor soil.


Different Kinds of Blueberries and How to grow them at home :

You can get started with Blueray, Patriot, Sweetheart , Highbush , Bluecrop , Jewel, Misty, and Sunshine Blue varieties of blueberry plants to grow at home . These are all non-acidic soil types which fit to almost any type of growing condition.

Blueray blueberry

Blueray blueberry is very easy to grow even for beginners. These plants produce large, soft blue-black berries which are excellent for eating and baking. They need full sun exposure and very good drainage as they like sandier soil types.

Patriot blueberry

Patriot Blueberry bushes can also be planted in containers as they don't grow taller than 2 feet (60 cm).

Sweetheart blueberry

Sweetheart blueberry plants are small in size which makes them perfect for planting in containers. They produce large fruits with mild, sweet taste and very high antioxidant levels . You can keep your container blueberries healthy by trimming the branches every year before spring starts.

Bluecrop Blueberry

Bluecrop Blueberry is an excellent variety of blueberry plants for home planting. They produce large fruits with attractive blue color and excellent flavor. You can plant these blueberries in containers or in your garden ground, but they will need partial shade exposure .

Highbush blueberry

Highbush Blueberry is a variety of blueberries that grows to be 6 feet (2 meters) tall. These plants need plenty of space to grow, up to 6 feet wide. Highbush blueberries are not only tasty but also have high nutritional value . Highbush blueberry is easy to grow even if you have problems with poor soil conditions because they're naturally disease resistant.

Jewel blueberry

Jewel blueberry is very easy to grow even for beginners. These plants have medium-sized fruits that are very sweet and delicious. The best growing condition for this type of bluberry is full sun exposure and acidic soil rich in organic material.

Misty blueberry

Misty blueberry is a low bush variety which makes it perfect for planting in containers as well as growing at home . This tiny blue berry has thin skin, high sugar content, and lots of antioxidants.

Wrapping up

Blueberries grow best if you let different varieties bloom at different time periods. For instance, early season berries should be set out 20 to 25 days before mid-season ones and 30-35 days before late season ones so they will mature progressively. Mixing blueberry varieties in your garden will also enhance the beauty of your home landscape.

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